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why have the real thing, when you can have something crappy for the same price?

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Taking Back Sunday- Happiness Is


Such personal. Much heartfelt lyrics. Good hooks.  Very sing along Flicker Fade and Beat Up Car.  WOW song titles from song lyrics.  Much emo-er album.  Very like. Such Adam/John dynamic.  Much love lyrics.  Did I mention that this album got very personal? Much personal. Such personal look at Adam. Very hearts on sleeve. Better reunion album. 4 Paws Up!!!

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He says he’s hot blooded and that I should check it and see, then *SPOILER ALERT* he tells me he’s 103°…which was the thing I was supposed to check! #fuckedup

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I was reading Fran Drescher’s Wikipedia page (yes, I have great hobbies), and I saw this quote: “My whole life has been about changing negatives into positives.” All I could think was, “It sounds like she has a lot in common with Pitbull.”


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